Vape Cartridges: The Quick & Easy Way to Get High

We are all aware that vaping is everywhere these days. It’s more than just a trend. It has, in fact, given birth to a culture of its own – it’s the modern way of cannabis consumption.


Select Your Device, Lad: The 3 Types of Vaporizers

Categorized according to structure, here are the three primary kinds of vaporizers for dried marijuana flowers or cannabis extracts like oil:

  1. Vape pens, like Ganesh Vapes, are similar to e-cigs. They are the ninja way to get high – the pungent smell of burnt weed is absent due to convection, and there are no carcinogens because of conduction. Check out our selection of vape cartridges that offer a convenient way of vaporizing.
  2. The desktop vaporizer, meanwhile, is the father of cannabis vaporization gadgets. There are two types of desktop vaporizers. Forced air models turn a bag into a balloon full of vapor. Passive models, on the other hand, use a whip for inhalation. The desktop vaporizer plugs into an outlet, giving it the power it needs for medical-grade use. It also offers more accessories, such as some designs that can provide the two modes.
  3. A portable vape serves as the middle ground; it provides the performance of a mini-desktop model and the mobility of a bulkier handheld device.

Given the variety of ways you can vape, feel free to check out our menu for our selection of cartridges.


Lock & Load: Vape Cartridges

If you’re constantly in search of the perfect vape cartridge, we have a variety of oil cartridges. Whether you need some medicinal marijuana or you simply enjoy recreational vaping, our budtenders will be able to recommend a cartridge with the right THC content for your vape device’s potency.

For all your vape needs, feel free to contact us.