Cannabis-Infused Topicals for Skin and Healthcare

Given the advances in cannabis culture, we want you to keep yourself educated – weed isn’t just for smoking anymore. Cannabis-infused topicals exist to provide the therapeutic benefits of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects.

With the skin as the body’s largest organ, it isn’t surprising to discover how there are cannabinoid receptors present in the skin, known as endocannabinoids. These compounds hold the responsibility of reacting with other cells to control irritation and inflammation. Using cannabis-infused topicals helps protect the body by keeping it healthy.


Cannabis-Infused Topicals: No High? No Problem!

Topicals like lotions, body baths, chapsticks, oils, and patches allow relief from pain, soreness, or swelling throughout the skin. Since they no longer have the psychoactive effects that come with smoking or ingesting cannabis products, medical marijuana patients can use topicals on a daily basis.

Some topicals also carry other therapeutic ingredients that provide additional benefits. Cayenne, wintergreen, or clove – when combined with cannabinoids like THC – is great for the skin. From anti-inflammatory to anti-allergen, topicals carry a range of benefits for the body.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Topicals

The popularity of topicals is due to its efficiency in localizing relief of pain, muscle soreness and tension, and inflammation. Specifically, cannabis-infused topicals are also beneficial to patients with psoriasis and dermatitis. It alleviates certain symptoms that manifest in the skin, like itching and allergic reactions.

We offer Canna Lotion, CannaStick Chapstick, Body Melt, Bath Salt, CBD Patch, and Body Budder – among many others. The Canna Lotion, for instance, has a THC content of 8 percent. Check out the Body Melt, too. It has both THC and CBD, which makes it a fantastic find!

For more information on topicals, don’t hesitate to ask our budtenders – we’re more than happy to help you take better care of yourself.