Packed for Convenience: Pre-Rolled Joints

Personal convenience is a huge thing, isn’t it? When it comes to smoking, we all have our preferences. Some people enjoy their weed rolled up into a joint, while others prefer a spliff or a blunt. Whatever the case may be, it can sometimes be such a chore to smoke up, especially if one doesn’t know how to roll a good one.

But don’t you worry, buddy – we’ve got you covered. Pre-rolled joints are here to save you the trouble.


High as a Rocket: Rockit Conez

Rockit Conez consists of pre-rolls. Inspired by the smooth and even burn of Amsterdam’s cone-shaped pre-rolled joints, Rockit Conez is a premium cannabis product locally made in Washington. From the finest growers in the Northwest, these pre-roll cones are made with flowers and not trimmings, giving you quality in every hit.

With Rockit Conez, which are heated and sealed, the weed burns parallel to your high – it allows you to enjoy the entire smoking experience. Available in singles and packs of five, one cone requires a space suit for safety, because you better be ready for blast-off.


Perfectly Rolled Joints for Hassle-Free Smoking

Packed and rolled to perfection, our pre-rolled joints offer a strong initial hit that gradually settles into a steady burn. The cone shape provides twice the size at the tip and narrows down as it reaches the filter, giving it a better hit. This is also ideal for people who want to control the amount of weed they smoke.

Apart from the smooth burn, pre-roll cones are a work of art in itself. Compared to straight rolls, cones are much harder to prepare, as it requires careful estimation.

Browse through our menu for the finest pre-rolls and enjoy hassle-free smoking.