Marijuana Edibles in Tacoma

Aren’t we all familiar with space cakes? These pot brownies hold the distinction of being the epitome of marijuana-laced food. But THC-infused food products have now come a long way since the popularity of these special brownies.
Check out our menu, as we supply a variety of marijuana edibles in Tacoma for you stoner foodies out there.


Promotes Sleep and Enhances Appetite: A Brief History of Edibles

Many may believe that space cakes opened the floodgates to edibles, but history shows that THC-infused food products go as far back as the 10th Century India. Bhang, for instance, is a drink containing mashed weed, ghee, milk, and spices. It wasn’t a medicinal drink, but a beverage that promotes sleep and enhances the appetite.

Pot brownies actually came to prominence during the late 60s, making an appearance in the film, I Love You Alice B. Toklas. Toklas, in fact, published a cookbook with a recipe for “Haschich Fudge,” Brion Gysin’s take on a pot brownie. In the years to follow, especially during the 70’s, hippies munched on space cakes like there was no tomorrow and began to bake goodies with weed as the primary ingredient.

Today, “herbalized” food products are no longer limited to brownies and cookies. Chocolates, sushi rolls, coffee, and lemonade are a few examples of food and drinks many enjoy when prepared with weed. For various purposes, edibles are now available for both medical and recreational use.


Weed Edibles: Catering to Your Taste Buds and More

Our budtenders are not only familiar with flowers and concentrates; they’re also well-acquainted with the tastiest, mouth-watering marijuana edibles in Tacoma.

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