Marijuana Accessories in Tacoma

For all your needs concerning marijuana accessories in Tacoma, WA, Two Five Trees offers a variety of cannabis-related products. Be sure to check out our customer reviews or consult our friendly budtenders for recommendations.


Hand-blown Glassware: Bongs and Pipes

Smoking your bud is a reflective experience with hand-blown glassware. Like beautiful works of art, we stock a selection of glass bongs and pipes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Our local, hand-blown glassware are durable and easy to maintain. Surely, they’re going to be your best buddies for a long time. Depending on your preferences and budget, you will surely find something to smoke up with our high-quality bud.


Artful Glassware from Quartz Castle: Up Your Dabbing Game

Cannabis concentrates have been part of the culture since the 60’s, but the appeal of dabbing has taken concentrates to the next level. Marvel at the artsy crystal rigs, domeless nails, or carb cap sets from Quartz Castle. Couple this beauty with shatter from Slab Mechanix for a dab that’ll do ya right.

Support local by shopping local, right?


Tools of the Trade: Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Apart from bongs, pipes, and rigs, we also have a range of marijuana accessories in Tacoma that you can choose from. Don’t be afraid to ask our budtenders if you want to know the pros and cons of glass, plastic, and ceramic bongs, or other things about our accessories.

Talk to our budtenders and tell us what you’re looking for.